Cycling or Biking ?

Bicycling can also be referred to as cycling or Biking, Bicycles are a principal mode of transportation in many parts of the world.
In the nineteenth century bicycles were first brought about and now there is more than a billion worldwide.

There are Many Types of bikes – and Uses

Mountain bikes are very popular in the USA and other parts of the world Mountain Biking Began in the 1970’s manly as a downhill sport, these bikes are very versatile and perform very well in the dirt and on the road, there are a lot of ski resorts that have summer time tracks and courses set up for daily use and competitions.

  • Bicycle Touring – Bicycles used by all ages for sightseeing, traveling touring and leisure.
  • Organized Rides – are mostly organized by cycling clubs where riders of all skill levels and ages can get together and ride. Routes of these events can be a 100 miles long give or take.
  • Bike Racing – by far the most famous of bicycle racing is the Tour De France which began in 1903. Types of racing include Road Racing, BMX Bicycle Motocross and Mountain Bike Racing.
    Also note that these racing types have different formats.

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